A most recent post by @MURTWITNESSONE has me curious about something. Radio aka @radionewzblog aka @astro_shits (and way too many more to name here) has come out and accused me of being some ‘fake’ Twitter named “Cybil”.

I know who the REAL Cybil was, but I am actually quite surprised that Radio/Jacquie would accuse me of being that Twitter when she knows I could expose who it really belonged to. What new game is this??

I wonder if she’ll accuse me of being these Twitters, (or forum names) as well:

There are many more, but you get the picture. Well, most people will anyway.

Anita Ketchup
and on, and on, and on, and on……………………

Don’t go away mad, Just go away.

Jacquie Lockman Kane or @radionewzblog or whatever your name is:

It’s time to pack it in. You’re finished.

You look like a fool, a mean spirited and evil person, and a fraud. If you had one shred of dignity left, you would just pack it in and scurry away like the cockroach you are. You are finished. Your name is mud and nobody respects you, believes you or has any inkling to hear your pathetic lies any more.

Nobody believes  a word you say. You have been proven the biggest liar there ever was. You should be ashamed of yourself for the horrible tweets about my family and personal past, but you’re not. You can’t be ashamed because people without a soul have no idea what that emotion feels like.

You are ugly inside and have no empathy, feelings or pride of any kind.

Don’t you realize everyone is just laughing at you now? You have gone so far off the rails in your insane rantings that you are merely the joke of the Internet world.

When you act like trash, you stink like trash, so its time to kick you to the curb where all the other ‘trash’ resides.

Good riddance to rubbish! 

Radio/Jacquie Lockman Kane @radionewzblog as AstroShits Part 2

Here is a bit more from that AstroShits Twitter that @radionewzblog opened to trash anyone and everyone–including her so called friends!  I had to take some tweets out again because of personal information radio tweeted about some of the people she bashed.

**LEVI** Read these carefully and listen up. I don’t give a flying fuck if your life gets trashed or not, but PAY ATTENTION to your surroundings. You are being used and you are also being  trashed just like everyone else that has had the misfortune of knowing that mindless idiot, Radio. I have undeniable, irrefutable proof that it is her that opened and tweeted these things about you. 

What makes the only iota of sense is this: IF Levi is not upset by this, the only other option is that he was IN on it. Think about it.


Gabby/Spunky is the real reason Pirate fails at every endeavor against KP- Spunky tells KP everything- amazed it hasn’t been figured out
about 19 hours ago via web (Oh geez…)

Predict shock when posters learn Gabby is- has always been the docile airhead personality Spunky likes to fool people with- Sick
about 19 hours ago via web

DW’S donated painting didn’t earn the HBC shit- it was a paint by numbers painting- low life saying she is an artist- (((POS SKANK)))
Tue Jan 25 2011 19:26:37 (Eastern Standard Time) via web (I thought you liked Diana this week? Oh, never mind, that was last week)

You think I don’t know what you (((2 SELFISH SWINE))) are up to?? (((FOOLS))) I have eyes everywhere
Tue Jan 25 2011 19:23:46 (Eastern Standard Time) via web

GER prowling around asking how to get watermarks on pictures- (((LARD BUCKET)))
Tue Jan 25 2011 19:22:57 (Eastern Standard Time) via web

Doc Fesselfarts shopping her drawings to get them in a book- (((SICK ASS)))
Tue Jan 25 2011 19:21:59 (Eastern Standard Time) via web

HGM- Traveler does not need your pity or advice on mental health issues- take your own advice- (((PSYCHO BITCH))) Tue Jan 25 2011 19:20:14 (Eastern Standard Time) via web

Traveler knows who her 2 FACED FRIENDS are talking to KP!! No one is being fooled- fools will PAY- SNAP THAT *snicker*
Tue Jan 25 2011 04:00:35 (Eastern Standard Time) via web (English please?)

Radio thinks it’s fun to laugh on the phone with Peggy Cone at SmokingBaby trying to find TN’s thousand addresses!! DISGUSTING PIGS
Tue Jan 25 2011 03:58:13 (Eastern Standard Time) via web (Yeah, like Peggy Cone would ever talk to the likes of you. Geesh.) Wait! Aren’t you supposed to be Whisperer/SmokingBaby’s friend? Nahhh..

Tue Jan 25 2011 03:49:06 (Eastern Standard Time) via web (Gang? Bwahahaha!)

Tue Jan 25 2011 03:45:39 (Eastern Standard Time) via web (Typical disgusting Radio. THIS is OK with you, Levi? Yeah, OK)

Levi you runty POS- why do you go to bars with those 2 PIGS!! Oh because they bought you a blackberry phone??
Tue Jan 25 2011 03:28:03 (Eastern Standard Time) via web

What lies did KP and Radio have to tell their husbands about the weekend in Atlanta!!! I bet I know!!! So does POS Levi Tue Jan 25 2011 03:26:23 (Eastern Standard Time) via web (I guess you don’t mind Radio calling you a POS and telling you to suck a dick, huh, Levi? You weren’t “in” on this too, were you? Nooooo. *sarcasm*)

@Radiosucksass Why don’t you mind your own business- keep picking your nose- and sticking the boogers in your vagina- you old pervert (Classy, Radio/Judy. Truly classy)
Tue Jan 25 2011 03:25:10 (Eastern Standard Time) via web in reply to Radiosucksass

Mon Jan 24 2011 17:24:41 (Eastern Standard Time) via web

Traveler defended Spunky- Pirate- Radio- Now look what they have done to her- Evil Evil- YOUR EVIL ways will over take YOU ALL
Mon Jan 24 2011 16:12:29 (Eastern Standard Time) via web

Mon Jan 24 2011 16:05:09 (Eastern Standard Time) via web (Stormy was OBVIOUSLY in on this sick and twisted bash Twitter)

Mon Jan 24 2011 16:04:40 (Eastern Standard Time) via web (She had to include herself in here to “throw” people off. DUH!)

Mon Jan 24 2011 15:59:43 (Eastern Standard Time) via web

Mon Jan 24 2011 15:59:24 (Eastern Standard Time) via web

Mon Jan 24 2011 15:58:13 (Eastern Standard Time) via web (Yup, this sure shows a stable individual, doesn’t it?)

My twitter has been hacked- I have been infiltrated by the RADIOHEAD SCUMBAGS
Mon Jan 24 2011 15:27:11 (Eastern Standard Time) via web

I alone will turn the RADIO off- I am omnipotent- I am the ONE- I am glorious
Mon Jan 24 2011 15:23:49 (Eastern Standard Time) via web (Mocking HGM)

@theinnsider YOU promised to turn the RADIO off- Liar! Liar! Pants on fire! Bungling IDIOT! Stupid MORON! Filthy POS!
Mon Jan 24 2011 15:22:35 (Eastern Standard Time) via web (Mocking HGM and Astro)

My twitter has been hacked!! I will PROVE who did this- I told you DON’T MESS WITH ME!! I DEFENDED YOU AND YOU DO THIS!!!
Mon Jan 24 2011 15:21:01 (Eastern Standard Time) via web (Mocking HGM and Astro)

TheInnsider- the Ronettes don’t want anything you have. You have had this problem before- time to grow up. Peace!
Sun Jan 23 2011 19:59:26 (Eastern Standard Time) via web

TheINNsider- you run all over the internet blaming Bully, Bam Bam, Tattered, Ronettes and on and on- it’s ridiculous
Sun Jan 23 2011 19:58:27 (Eastern Standard Time) via web

TheINNsider- you run all over the internet blaming Radio- Radio is not scared of a cluster of nutcases- Radio made fun of all you today-
Sun Jan 23 2011 19:56:53 (Eastern Standard Time) via web

TheINNsider- you frighten no one- your threats amuse- your meltdowns entertain- you are laughable- and people are laughing
Sun Jan 23 2011 19:55:37 (Eastern Standard Time) via web (Hmmm, this looks familiar)

TheINNsider- keep drinking your own piss and keep dreaming you are important enough someone would want to read your emails- try reality
Sun Jan 23 2011 19:52:45 (Eastern Standard Time) via web

TheINNsider- you honestly think you are someone worthy of a hacker- like you have something they would want?? Grow up!!
Sun Jan 23 2011 19:48:22 (Eastern Standard Time) via web

Somewhere around this point and up, if you read online much, you can plainly see that “Radio’s” tweet style has changed. Funnier still, is the fact that this was directly AFTER I confronted Judy/Radio and asked if she was RadioShits. (She lied of course) Ummmm…OK, I’ll let you fill in the blanks.

TheINNsider- ROTFLMFAO!!!!!!
Sun Jan 23 2011 19:47:10 (Eastern Standard Time) via web

TheINNsider- keep up with your stupid threats and you will be my BITCH for the night!!
Sun Jan 23 2011 19:41:18 (Eastern Standard Time) via web

TheINNsider- who are YOU calling stupid?
Sun Jan 23 2011 19:34:47 (Eastern Standard Time) via web

AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH- my home page has been defaced
Sun Jan 23 2011 19:34:02 (Eastern Standard Time) via web

My emotions are overtaking me- it’s a WORM- I hate WORMS- my father made me put WORMS on fishhooks as a child- I’m scared forever!! HELP!!
Sun Jan 23 2011 18:54:32 (Eastern Standard Time) via web

FARQ!!! I have been hacked and exposed to a MASSIVE DOSE OF GAMMA RADIATION- call NASA- call the UFO Club- call Scientology- it greens me!!
Sun Jan 23 2011 18:48:23 (Eastern Standard Time) via web

What do the Hackee’s have in common? Long history of loon activity on the internet! LMAO!!
Sun Jan 23 2011 17:02:59 (Eastern Standard Time) via web

Radio denies she hacked anyone’s email, least of all those 5. Her excuse- she don’t like porn
Sun Jan 23 2011 17:01:10 (Eastern Standard Time) via web

Even I have to admit HGM is on her way to the Moron Hall of Fame! ROTFLMAO!!!!!
Sun Jan 23 2011 08:53:48 (Eastern Standard Time) via web

FlaLady1126 said Sheriff Hardy got one of her hacked nude pic emails and vowed to protect other innocents!
Sun Jan 23 2011 08:53:05 (Eastern Standard Time) via Twitpic

Pirate and Logos, Logos and Pirate ??? (anyone with half a brain cell knows that Judy/Radio always posts lame pics to tell her fanatical stories. Crazy, much?)
Sat Jan 22 2011 21:03:37 (Eastern Standard Time) via Twitpic

LP- immature but popular radio show talk host
Sat Jan 22 2011 20:40:22 (Eastern Standard Time) via Twitpic (Trashes Levi, yet again. Oh well! He doesn’t mind, right Levi? Asshat)

KP personality
Sat Jan 22 2011 20:36:48 (Eastern Standard Time) via Twitpic (I wonder why Kim didn’t get upset about this? No comment)

Storm’s personality
Sat Jan 22 2011 20:29:37 (Eastern Standard Time) via Twitpic

Storm on liquid steroids (booze)
Sat Jan 22 2011 20:28:37 (Eastern Standard Time) via Twitpic

Radio began her demented bullshit as a child
Sat Jan 22 2011 20:16:43 (Eastern Standard Time) via Twitpic (Yup, include yourself, jackass. Maybe, just MAYBE someone won’t think its you! Clueless bitch)

Pirate is the poster child for e-cigs stop smoking campaign
Sat Jan 22 2011 20:06:17 (Eastern Standard Time) via Twitpic

GER demonstrates her new e-cig
Sat Jan 22 2011 19:57:55 (Eastern Standard Time) via Twitpic

Damn, look at those shoulders on Virgo, she makes Mike Tyson look like a female! OMG!
Sat Jan 22 2011 17:54:48 (Eastern Standard Time) via web

Set the record straight GER- you and Spunky are family! It was a lame act!
Sat Jan 22 2011 17:36:55 (Eastern Standard Time) via web

Guess who? *pigsnort* *grin* Still a mole for Spunky or is it KP now?? Radio QuoteZ: “piss on her” “trashy loon”
Sat Jan 22 2011 17:29:51 (Eastern Standard Time) via web

Pirate I hear a lot of talking- you are letting that bulldog mouth overload your puppydog ass. Big talk- no results!
Sat Jan 22 2011 17:24:29 (Eastern Standard Time) via web

The many faces of Doc Fesselfart-
Sat Jan 22 2011 17:19:28 (Eastern Standard Time) via web lexie?
Sat Jan 22 2011 17:17:08 (Eastern Standard Time) via web

Gabby? Think so.
Sat Jan 22 2011 17:16:06 (Eastern Standard Time) via web how she tweets non-stop opinion on
Sat Jan 22 2011 17:13:16 (Eastern Standard Time) via web

CS gets PICKLED from Kool Aid
Sat Jan 22 2011 17:11:36 (Eastern Standard Time) via Twitpic

Warning to MG Kool Aid drinkers
Sat Jan 22 2011 17:09:43 (Eastern Standard Time) via Twitpic

Have you seen the Sneaky Griffis babble on facebook? Old Sneaky Griffis wanting money to stop being sent to the jailbirds- sent to her???
1:56 AM Jan 22nd via web (I really thought you liked MG and CS, Levi? Guess your new friends made up your mind for you?)

Have you read TH’s book? You women supporting CS are no better! You are whores!
1:54 AM Jan 22nd via web

@TheINNsider YOU are just a big fat 2 faced bitch- YOU pretend to like Traveler- YOU know you don’t!
4:07 AM Jan 21st via web (No, radio, you’re the big fat 2-faced bitch! EVERYONE sees that now)

@drfessel I can’t believe what you have done to Traveler! She trusted you and you LIED! You are a coward!
3:52 AM Jan 21st via web

@SatsumaLegacy I can’t believe you betrayed Traveler, lied and talked behind her back!
3:50 AM Jan 21st via web

@IriePirateFla I can’t believe what you tricked Traveler into! You are EVIL!
3:49 AM Jan 21st via web (With the above 4 tweets, Radio thought she was being clever by trying to ‘create mistrust’ between Astro/Traveler and her new found friends)

“You ain’t seen nothing yet”

I have about 13 more pages of @radionewzblog ‘s tweets as AstroShits. I will clean them up and post them too.

The rest of them are more shocking and disturbing than the previous ones. She literally has an argument with HERSELF, trashes herself, her friends, her forum, and many more people.  (RUN LEVI RUN!)

Truly pathetic and seemingly insane. *Shudders*

More to come….

One of several of @radionewzblog “bash” Twitters.

Do you want to see how much of a disgusting PIG, Radio aka JUDY really is?  Here are some of her tweets from when she created a Twitter account named AstroShits. (Deny it, bitch, I DARE ya!)  What a filthy pig! This is just the TIP of iceberg.

(I knew it was her immediately after reading a few tweets. I emailed her asking if it was and of course she LIED to me. LOL..shocker! Not only did I get confirmation that it was indeed her from a 3rd party via email, but that same 3rd party had me and another person on a 4-way call to Judy-WITHOUT HER KNOWING! Bwahahaha!)


Anyone with half a brain cell can pick up on her idiotic sentence structure and bizarre rantings. 

I left out some tweets that revealed personal info about “Astro”
Tweets start from the bottom. My comments in red.


Bye Bye
27 minutes ago via web

@TatteredMom LexieChang I think.
28 minutes ago via web in reply to TatteredMom

@TatteredMom Ha! Ha! Would love for her to try legal action. She’s all over the web saying I am who I am not!! LOL!!
29 minutes ago via web in reply to TatteredMom (Unfortunately for you, she NOW knows who you really are! *THUD* Loser.)

@TatteredMom Tim is upset- Grund is upset
33 minutes ago via web in reply to TatteredMom

@TatteredMom The shit blowers have very short life expectancy. Everyone knows it except them- ROTFLMFAO!!!!
34 minutes ago via web in reply to TatteredMom (Good advice, idiot! Look in the mirror while reading that again)

@TatteredMom Like HGM and Astrogal7 were put out to pasture. No need for those 3 cows, tick tock tick tock
36 minutes ago via web in reply to TatteredMom–(Trashing HGM yet again)

@TatteredMom LOLFlorida is long gone- put out to pasture.
38 minutes ago via web in reply to TatteredMom (Whoa! I thought Lisa/LOLFlorida/YancyFaith was your friend? Guess NOBODY can trust you)

Pirate: “I really liked her but I’m confused about what’s coming out of her mouth.” Friday, January 14, 2011 4:13:33 PM via web
41 minutes ago via web

LOLFlorida meltdown… A Pirate tweet- “OK I have blocked LOL. I think she’s lost her mind.” Friday, January 14, 2011 4:11:58 PM via web
42 minutes ago via web (Radio had someone ‘inside’ Pirate’s locked Twitter and BRAGGED about it)

BTW Red- are you going to forward Astro’s emails?? We need more entertainment- she already forwarded yours! ROTFLMFAO!!!
about 5 hours ago via web (Radio talking to Radio-Yup, herself–AGAIN)

Astrogal’s teeth are chattering from anxiety you are starting to forward her emails all over the www
about 5 hours ago via web

Have a heart Radio
about 6 hours ago via web (talking to herself again. Seeing a pattern yet?)

The Fesselfarts are pissy and fighting- to many Government processed cheese days and to much boredom- do something
about 6 hours ago via web (immature)

Open the forum for reading Red- Stephanie Psychic saw lexiechey falling off her horse- and GER losing her snickersnorts! Help Radio!
about 6 hours ago via web (Judy/Radio talking to herself)

Ronettes say you took out the trash and dumped it on twitter Ha! Ha!
about 6 hours ago via web

about 6 hours ago via web (Talking to herself yet AGAIN. Multiple personalities? Maybe so!)

Astrogal waffling in and out of meltdown- one day in- next day out- she thinks you are posting bad stuff about her
about 6 hours ago via web

TheINNsider opened a forum with her wingnut friend- Stephanie Alamaguer- no one will post there- more meltdowns over that
about 6 hours ago via web

Hey Radio get off your lazy azz and open the forum, things are bad, LOLFlorida in mental institution- meltdown
about 6 hours ago via web (Talk to yourself, much Judy? LOL! Freak.)

(Wait! Lisa, aren’t you friends with Radio too? Hmmm. Backstabbing 2- faced bitch, isn’t she?)

@GrannyCharli Her big azz is in trouble, trying to blame it all on LOL_Florida.
about 17 hours ago via web in reply to GrannyCharli 

A consortium of former posters at BNN have many stories to relay on these men. Maybe someday- others included!
about 19 hours ago via web

@TatteredMom most of them are the Nana NCnuts other nics or ex-husbands even wannabe husbands. Long story, started at Topix
about 19 hours ago via web in reply to TatteredMom

TheINNsider needs to wake up and smell some truth before it appears here!
about 20 hours ago via web (Aren’t you, the INNsider, HGM?)

It is strange to me men who hang on crime boards with women day and night.
about 20 hours ago via web (Like your hubby does? Jealousy suits you)

Someone is going to “sue the fuck out of someone?” Some have spent enough time being sued to get the drift- ROFL!!! Trashy, trashy!!
Sat Jan 15 2011 01:05:41 (Eastern Standard Time) via web (Making fun of you again, HGM)

The Wingnut Club has so many moles and rats running in every direction spilling, gossiping, tattling- you could start a Petting Zoo!
Fri Jan 14 2011 22:57:13 (Eastern Standard Time) via web

LFlorida tweets she turned hard drives in to LE??? The home team will get mangled on that investigation!! Talk STUPID! Talk IMPLICATED!
Fri Jan 14 2011 22:04:59 (Eastern Standard Time) via web

“Actionable?” ROTFLMFAO!!!!!!!! Better look at YOUR twitter. Glass houses, etc… blogging, tweeting at ______! Fill in the blank!!
Fri Jan 14 2011 21:41:33 (Eastern Standard Time) via web (SHE TWEETED THIS TO YOU, HGM. Remember you said you were going to SUE her? Well, get a move on! You NOW have her identity. It’s Radio/Judy–your FRIEND)

Blow ups all over the place today!!! Real life names- the whole werks blowing up!
Fri Jan 14 2011 20:12:30 (Eastern Standard Time) via web

“The gang of Fesselfarters” give up tweets. Keeping hands in their own tacos more satisfying.
Thu Jan 13 2011 17:29:34 (Eastern Standard Time) via web-(Ugh! How gross and disgusting are you? PUKE!)

Book Star Timothy Holmseth has pollenated Astrogal7! Sounds nasty but appropriate. Quack Quack Maid of Honor Doc Fesselfarts
Thu Jan 13 2011 17:12:43 (Eastern Standard Time) via web

AstroViva left treatment early, sucked a big one and we haven’t seen her since OJ took her and Gabby into hiding! OJ eats at the Y?!!!
11 minutes ago via web

When Astrogal sobers up ask her to check in somewhere for treatment. Not same place as her sister AstroViva- didn’t werk!
16 minutes ago via web (Wow, really trashed EVERYONE in this bash Twitter, didn’t you?)

snort snort fart fart snort snort fart fart gets boring.
21 minutes ago via web

SatsumaLegacy snorts, Doc Fessel farts.. 2 lovely ladies!!
22 minutes ago via web

Where are you Doc Fesselfarts?? Busy eating ripe cheese?? Ladies such as you should not eat ripe cheese!! Very vulgar!! =Cheesefarts!
25 minutes ago via web (THIS is supposed to be a GROWN woman? GAG ME! God, you’re disgusting and immature, Judy!)

Blows bigger dump than Astrogal7
about 2 hours ago via web

HGM lifts leg, blows shit out her ass all over tweettown
about 2 hours ago via web (This is YOUR friend, Radio/Judy, HGM!)

Wingnuts Club to indoctrinate newest Loons (newbies) Doc Fart to swear them in, LOL_Flunk to read minutes, HHH sings Nat’l Anthem
about 2 hours ago via web

Who is HotHumpingHannah and Doc Flatulate?? Bloggers?? True colors?? TRUE SMELL!!! (What an immature asshole she is)
about 3 hours ago via web

Astro- you chose poorly- you have joined Pirate a nothing, a liar, a fraud, a wannabee heavy and hated by the Crystal Sheffield family.
about 23 hours ago via web

Astro- you could have been something in life- why chose being a wingnut internet stalker ?? Being Pirates HERO is all you have achieved!!
about 23 hours ago via web

Bloggers know you’re not a harmless wingnut- but a dangerous spying plotting liar! Manic-depressive much? YOU HAVE MEDS- TAKE THEM!!
about 23 hours ago via web

Phoney out of state id’s!!! Phoney air card proxies!! Silly silly woman!
about 23 hours ago via web

Astro- the cement company affair is a lie- Google was your friend! You’ve been found out. Spunky much? Tj much? Bcc: the wrong people much? (She didn’t BCC ANYONE. I saw the emails–LIAR)
about 24 hours ago via web

Astro- did you know journalists have email tracking software and know where you forwarded each email?? ROTFLMFAO!!!!
about 24 hours ago via web

Each of your new found “friends” on twitter are known wingnuts- keeping them happy?? ;)
about 24 hours ago via web

Signing off as TruthTeller (Radio/Judy/Loser was trying to ‘throw’ people off by using “TruthTeller”-who was supposedly an Art Harris nickname)
Wed Jan 12 2011 16:14:05 (Eastern Standard Time) via web

Share more lies with your new found “friends” about the cement company affair- LOL!! You are no whistleblower- you’re a LIAR found out! (NO, Judy, you are!)
Wed Jan 12 2011 16:07:57 (Eastern Standard Time) via web

New information on Astrogal7 activities every day! A disgrace and a whore for attention and importance!! You are a FOOL Astro! (here’s a mirror if you want to see an attention whore!)
Wed Jan 12 2011 16:02:48 (Eastern Standard Time) via web

Astro- do you miss the marmite_ twitter? Need more to do? You made bad choices.
Wed Jan 12 2011 15:49:59 (Eastern Standard Time) via web

If FlaLady1126 gets terminated from her employment- she will know you are to be thanked! Spy and report much??
Wed Jan 12 2011 15:39:43 (Eastern Standard Time) via web

Astro- you are a joke. People now laugh at the name “TRAVELER” and hoot at the name ASTROGAL7! Enjoy being found out much?? LOL!! (No, Judy–you should see all the people laughing at the name RADIO, @radionewzblog, and the other 3298739874 Twitters and names you’ve posted under)
Wed Jan 12 2011 15:38:05 (Eastern Standard Time) via web

Quite a mess you had Radiogirl, amazed you have a forum left
8:48 PM Jan 11th via web (Talking to herself, yet again. Scary!)

Astrogal7 was the reason KP’s security team had to invade Radio’s forum. Astrogal liked to impersonate KP too!! FACT!
8:39 PM Jan 11th via web (LIES!!!)

Astro2Spunky morphed into “Traveler” at Radio’s forum and coughed up everything to Art, KP and Levi
8:37 PM Jan 11th via web

Tomorrow – how Astrogal7 was in bed as 2Spunky with the “Haleigh Media Bosses/Whores”! You will be shocked! One lie after another!
8:33 PM Jan 11th via web

Has Astrogal7 written some of Levi’s greatest tweets? Yes she has!! (Hmmmm, Levi again, Radio?)
8:29 PM Jan 11th via web

Astrogal paid for a dark room at GER’s house to develop pictures from “GER’S secret camera”!!! Ask GER about it!
8:26 PM Jan 11th via web

Astrogal7 financing HollysGmom’s I-10 whore house!! Guaranteed to be nastiest whore house in Florida!!
8:18 PM Jan 11th via web (Wait! Isn’t Radio/Judy supposed to be friends with HGM? Some friend!)

Astrogal loves men just out of prison!!
8:13 PM Jan 11th via web

Nurse Ratchet says Astro didn’t fly over – got stuck in the cuckoo’s nest with OJ and fell in love! Little crazy cuckoo’s on the way??
8:11 PM Jan 11th via web

Astrogal7’s hands are dirtier than SatsumaLegacy’s underwear!!
8:04 PM Jan 11th via web (PIG!)

Think it isn’t true Pee-rite – think again!!!
half a minute ago via web(Pirate, now you know who has been REALLY posting all over the Web pretending to be you! It was and always has been RADIO!)

Astro Quote: “I enjoy impersonating Pirate” 
2 minutes ago via web (once again, YOU said this quote, Judy)

Astro lies about everything even fiestygirl’s disease. fiesty’s brother is to fat to find his infected dick.. fiesty has gum disease
7 minutes ago via web (You’re a gross pig. Blech!)

Serious stuff coming tomorrow tweoples – be ready!
16 minutes ago via web

Astro said fiestygirl had VD from her brother!
19 minutes ago via web

And her sister – AstroViva is still in alcohol and drug treatment! Ain’t werking!!
22 minutes ago via web

Astro blew when Art Harris didn’t write an article re: her $6,000 donation to Lisa Croslin. How dare she be snubbed!! He did snub her – WHY?
24 minutes ago via web

Soon outing Astro/2Spunky’s connections to the “Haleigh Media Bosses” and why so many lies! Shame on you Astrorat! Good Night!
about 1 hour ago via web

Secret emails of Astrogal7 to Nancy Grace soon on a twitter near you!!
about 1 hour ago via web

THE OTHER END! Information tomorrow on Astro’s connection to Levi Page. How the evil trilogy werks – LP, Tj, Art
about 2 hours ago via web (Wow, she bashes her good buddy LEVI, saying he’s involved with Astro’s evil trilogy? Don’t say I didn’t warn you, wonder boy.)

THE END! Tomorrow more on the Tj Hart connection.
about 2 hours ago via web

Spunky you have been outed as Astrogal7!! Live with it bitch!!
about 2 hours ago via web

#3 Mystery Solved! Astro is Tj Hart in Spunky drag…. Truth? YES!
about 2 hours ago via web (Dragging Spunky into this after all this time? Wow, you really are disturbed.)

Astro is offering to hire me to do her twitter!!! ROTLMFAO!!!!
about 2 hours ago via web

#2 Mystery Solved! Astrogal7 IS Spunky!! Does Art know?
about 2 hours ago via web

#1 Mystery Solved! Astro LOVES her Spunky like Radio loves Stormy!!
about 2 hours ago via web

Spunky, Astro’s bitch, you better answer Asto’s urgent emails! Pay proper respect!
about 2 hours ago via web

Astro Quote; “If no one pays proper respect – I will blow”
about 3 hours ago via web

Radio open your stupid idiotic forum — Astro is crying wanting to read. Astro is SPOOKED as in Art’s SUPER SPOOK!!
about 3 hours ago via web (Crazy bitch talking to herself again. Nutter!)

How much $$$ did Astrogal7 send Nurse Ratchet? Enough for a FUNNEL cake. Quack Quack
about 3 hours ago via web–Nurse Ratchet? Isn’t that nursebeme, your friend? Thought so.

Has anyone seen Tj Hart???
about 3 hours ago via web

Investigations secretly under way will soon reveal who Astrogal7 really is. Expect it Muskatards!! You juicy B’s been ripped!! ROTFLMAO!!!!
about 3 hours ago via web

Where’s Gabby’s big sloppy ass today? Plotting with Astro??!!!!
about 3 hours ago via web

Astrogal7 has promised BIG RESULTS!! Astro Quote: “Pirate rides the short bus and is SPECIAL”
about 3 hours ago via web (YOU said this about Pirate, LIAR)

*snickersnort* really does *snort*
about 3 hours ago via web

Astro’s 3 Muskatards – SatsumaLegacy, FlaLady1126, LOL_Florida
about 3 hours ago via web

What’s this about a secret camera? (*snickersnort*) Maybe just *snort*
about 3 hours ago via web

Hope CIV is feeling better. Karma is a bitch!!
about 3 hours ago via web

Fessel is a woman, not a chubby chaser. She fooled you.
about 3 hours ago via web

drfessel ein Waffenfachbegriff, siehe
about 3 hours ago via web

lexie has no heat? Karma? *giggles*
about 4 hours ago via web–You have no heat either, Radio. Your veins are filled with ICE.

STFU Radio! Why do you care if Pee-rite takes a double burn??
about 4 hours ago via web
(Who here is REALLY obsessed with Pirate, huh? Never mind, don’t answer that. I already know)

Astro Quote: “When I am ready, they won’t know what hit them”
about 5 hours ago via web (Pot meet kettle)

Astro Quote: “Yes, I am good at disguising the double cross”
about 5 hours ago via web (Pot meet kettle and look in the mirror, bitch)

Chubby Chasers looking for new pinup girl, ROTFLMAO!!!! Who will it be?
about 5 hours ago via web

Astro’s CONCRETE Company
about 5 hours ago via web

Who advertises a dating service and werks in a Florida I-10 motel, laughing so hard – tears!!
about 7 hours ago via web

Looks like someone will soon choke on their whistle
2:35 PM Jan 10th via web (I hope you choke on your filth, Judy)

Astro who’s your Judas?? They’ve been busy! Float the game Astro, it’s time to spy!! Ha! THE END
3:11 PM Jan 9th via web

Astro’s pansy drfessel warns: don’t mess with Astro! Really? ROTFLMAO! Maybe YOU? fiesty? lexie? OJ? Gabby? CIV? GER? Mardee? Pirate? LOL!
2:44 PM Jan 9th via web

Astro’s 9 Space Rangers: lexiechey, OJ, MardeeGurl, fiestygirl, Pirate, Gabby, CIV, drfessel, GER. Who would have thought??
1:41 PM Jan 9th via web

Astro’s 9 fools: lexiechey, OJ, MardeeGurl, fiestygirl, Pirate, Gabby, CIV, drfessel, GER. Ruined, mocked.
1:18 PM Jan 9th via web

Astro_Lives has moles in her Garden!!!
10:17 PM Jan 8th via web


The truth is coming. I hope you are ready for it.